Auto Body Systems

Auto Body Systems encompass a set of components and equipment utilized in the construction of the external structure and body of vehicles. These components include car panels, doors, roofs, pillars, and other external parts. The purpose of these systems, from a design and structural perspective, is to create an exterior form that is both suitable and aesthetically appealing for vehicles.

Some of the top brands in this field include:

  1. BASF: One of the largest manufacturers of automotive paint and related coatings.
  2. PPG Industries: Specializes in producing polyurethane coatings and paint materials for the automotive industry.
  3. Magna International: A global producer of automotive components, including body parts.
  4. Saint-Gobain Sekurit: Supplier of safety glass and other components for vehicle bodies.
  5. 3M Automotive: Manufacturers of coating materials and equipment related to automotive body repair.

These brands serve as examples of reputable companies in the Auto Body Systems industry, known for their quality products and innovation in technology, contributing to their prominent position in the automotive body industry.

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  • Buyers: 5,784