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Handpan,an instrument with an etherealsound and a cool appearance.Its soul-captured charm makes everyone crazy and fascinated. However, a few years ago, it was hard to buya handpan in China.Only several handicraft workshops in Europe knew the craft. The price is expensive,even so, it takes several months. And once the handpanis damaged, there is no way to get the after-sales service. So a group of dream chasers traveled to Europe and Southeast Asia, concentrated on learning the craftsmanship, and made bold innovations with data-driven technology、Chinese manufacturing speed and considerate after-sales guarantee. Finally, let the high-priced and scarce instruments in the past approach to the public, benefit the global handpan enthusiasts.

Factory name : Guangzhou Liu Dong Xuanlv Shoudie International Trade Co., Ltd.

Factory phone : 08618948043772

Factory address : Room 425, Building 2, Zhongguancun Incubator, Qingchuangcai, Zhongguancun, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Name of CEO : Mr. Qiran Sun

Factory website :

Factory registration number : 1

CEO phone : 08618948043772

CEO whatsapp : 08618948043772

labels.modir_forush_name : Mr. Qiran Sun Mr. Qiran Sun

Sale manager phone : 08618948043772

Sale manager whatsapp : 08618948043772

Established year : 2021

Factory area : 5000

Number of Employees : 50-100People


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