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The sawmill was built in October 1972. Until 2015, the main direction was the production of boards and parquet, wooden doors and windows.From 2015 to the present day, the company has been operating under the name Lesnoy Dom LLC.We have a forest with an area of 137 square kilometers, the main species are: birch, pine, linden, aspen.The total, one-time loading into the drying chambers is 360 m3The plant is equipped with modern woodworking equipment made in Germany, Italy and China.Our team consists of qualified technical specialists, experienced equipment operators.Now the main products are: board, molding and lining, furniture blanks and 3D panels, as well as pellets.We sent products to Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Estonia and the USA. Our company also produces solid fuel boilers (pellets, firewood) from 15 to 1000 kW.

Factory name : Lesnoy Dom LLC

Factory phone : 0079292784040

Factory address : Lesozavodskaya st. 1A, Chaykovsky, Perm Krai, Russian Federation

Name of CEO : Mr. Alexander Kliachin

Factory website :

Factory registration number : 1

CEO phone : 0079292784040

CEO whatsapp : 0079292784040

labels.modir_forush_name : Mr. Alexander Kliachin Mr. Alexander Kliachin

Sale manager phone : 0079292784040

Sale manager whatsapp : 0079292784040

Established year : 2015

Factory area : 1000-3000

Number of Employees : 11-50

Websites :


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