Naturally Dried Hibiscus Flower Iced Tea Flavored Tea Hibiscus citrus Iced Tea

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Brand: Danta Herbs
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    Hibiscus Citrus Iced Tea




    1. Accept OEM services, Private

    Label and Logo

    2.100% Natural Ingredients

    3. Located at source - Darjeeling


    Keep in dry and cool place


    20 Kg and more

    Shelf Life 24 Month

    OEM Service

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    welcomed, private label, logo,

    customization, corporate gifting is

    also flexible.

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    Block F-430, City Centre Office, Matigara, Siliguri, West Bengal, India


    DANTA HERBS Danta Herbs is an artisanal tea brand. It aims at providing a variety of tea blends made with All natural ingredients from the source. The tea blends come infused with hand fully selected teas form 100+ top tea Estates, directly procured from source.WHERE WE AREWe are strategically located at the bottleneck of india with gateway to north east which produces around 80% of the teas produced in India. Established in the Siliguri city in Darjeeling district (West Bengal), India, Danta Herbs was all about R&D, B2B Sales, and Market Testing & Validation. OUR STORYBorn and brought up in the foothills of the Himalayas in Siliguri, Mr. Parik had a significant network and association with garden owners, tea tasters, and many others in the tea industry. Utilising the benefit of his roots, Mr. Parik visited hundreds of gardens in India and Nepal to learn the art of tea production and tea blending while creating a Direct Trade relation with the Tea Estates. He acquired significant insight into tea grading, tea quality and diversified blends. During the process of research and development of his brand, he discovered that most flavoured tea brands, located within and outside India, use low-quality tea and tea blends made using artificial aromatic Liquid flavouring with No actual Health Benefits. Thus, an ambition to come up with a 100% natural, Indian origin tea brand Focused in Fresh from the source with Healthy and wellness experience, led to the creation of Danta Herbs.WHAT WE OFFERDanta Herbs offers Fresh and high quality tea that are obtained directly from the source with No Middleman made with 100% natural and raw ingredients. The teas are exclusively selected from top tea estates, handpicked from gardens throughout the year.HOW WE DO ITThey do this by making sure the teas, herbs and spices are procured only during the peak season, making Danta tea one of the finest selections of tea blends. Blends are created with raw and 100% natural Ayurvedic herbs, spices, and flowers procured from the best growing local terrain in India. Danta tea has unique plant-based and superfood blends and offers more than 50+ artisan infusions and has 100+ teas available in the collection. Unlike most tea brands and Importers, they take 3 to 6 months to procure tea. On the other hand Danta Herbs takes only around 7 days to make it ready to ship to consumers.Single-origin teas from different regions are directly traded from the selected tea estates, the fresh tea leaves that have been plucked which takes around 3 days to be ready for tasting. These teas are tasted and selected and delivered on an average within 72 hours to the warehouse, where they again go through tasting and multiple quality checks and cleaning procedures and lastly, they are vacuum packed and stored at a controlled temperature. This standardised method ensures that the authenticity and freshness is preserved right from the plucking of the fresh leaves to the cup offering a Freshest #PluckToCup Solution from source by take care of Moisture, Temperature, Oxygen and Light.LENGTHS WE GOAll 100+ varieties that the brand offers are packed and stored in state of the art cold storage facilities. These settings have dehumidification and temperate control amenities to maintain the quality for longer shelf life. A robust supply chain with no middlemen makes the high quality product available to consumers at a low price.WHAT WE OFFERDanta in Sanskrit means calm and that is precisely what the brand offers peace and tranquility. From Green Tea to Black Tea, Single origin Teas to Single estate Teas, Darjeeling Tea to Assam Tea, Wellness Tea to Iced Tea, Herbal tea to Masala chai. Danta has a wide variety of teas that are hand picked from over 150+ tea farms. The brand has been crafted for tea lovers who ha

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